Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

Located on a 7 acre (3 ha) site, this 31,000 sq.ft. (2,900 m2) pre-engineered building acts as the company's distribution center for all of this part of Ontario.

Located on the prime corner of an up-scale industrial park, the project makes heavy use of earth berms and landscape materials to soften the impact of the large warehouse section from Highway #2 which is a very busy regional road.

The products arrive by large tractor-trailer which are unloaded at 6 docks located at the east end of the building where there is also room to park an additional 15 trailers awaiting unloading. The products are stationed in the 28,000 sq.ft. (2,600 m2) warehouse before being loaded into smaller trucks at the 14 smaller loading bays on the south face.

Inside the office area is contained all of the administrative, purchasing and sales offices as well as employee spaces and 2 conference/training rooms.